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About us

Slime Experts

Slime Creator is a UK based company that thrives on the excitement of Slime. From big projects to small batches, we want to be there every step of the way. Our dedicated team of Slime experts have developed a special formula that allows you to get perfect Slime every-time.

Many of our staff have children, and we know how having fun activities that inspire creativity are not always easy to find. With Slime you have an activity the whole family can enjoy.

With Slime Creator our team wanted to create a range of products that were easy to understand and safe to use. Our engineers and designers have used their expertise not only as product creators but also as parents.

UK Based

Slime Creator is a Tonic Studios brand. Tonic Studios has been trading since 2001 and is a trusted brand in the UK, Europe and the US. For more information about Tonic Studios please visit our craft website HERE

Safety First

For us, safety is paramount. That's why our team of engineers and specialist formulate, test and test again everything we do. We comply with all EU and UK legislation and test our products with independently certified test houses. We provide full safety sheet information on this for all the Slime products.

Ease of Use

Our products are easy to use with clear instructions. Learn how to make basic Slime and what add-ons you can use to get a unique appearance. No more searching YouTube for the ultimate how-to video. Everything you need is on this site.


Our products are rewarding in more ways than one. Not only do you get a perfect Slime, but you also get actual rewards! Our points-based loyalty system lets you earn points to redeem against purchases. Share on social media, refer a friend or just buying products, all help you accrue points. Learn more by clicking on the loyalty tab on the bottom left of the website or by clicking HERE.